Description Logic Reasoning with Decision Diagrams


Sebastian Rudolph, Markus Krötzsch, Pascal Hitzler

Description Logic Reasoning with Decision Diagrams – Compiling SHIQ to Disjunctive Datalog

Abstract. We propose a novel method for reasoning in the description logic SHIQ. After a satisfiability preserving transformation from SHIQ to the description logic ALCIb, the obtained ALCIb Tbox T is converted into an ordered binary decision diagram (OBDD) which represents a canonical model for T. This OBDD is turned into a disjunctive datalog program that can be used for Abox reasoning. The algorithm is worst-case optimal w.r.t. data complexity, and admits easy extensions with DL-safe rules and ground conjunctive queries.

Published at ISWC2008 (Conference paper)

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This work extends our earlier work on using binary decision diagrams for terminological DL reasoning with a datalog translation that allows for Aboxes to be incorporated.

A much simpler datalog-based reasoning procedure that requires only a syntactic translation has been given for the expressive light-weight description logic ELP.


Description logics, Rule languages