Semantic MediaWiki in 15 minutes

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Markus Krötzsch

Semantic MediaWiki in 15 minutes

Abstract. This talk gives a brief introductory overview of the Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) system, which currently happens to be one of the most widely deployed semantic wikis. The talk reviews SMW's basic functionalities and underlying technologies. Moreover, various relevant applications of SMW that can be observed today, ranging from classical wiki sites to new innovative scenarios, are introduced as well.

Published at Ontolog Mini-Series on Semantic Wikis (Talk)

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Links for online demo

The following are selected sites to display very different uses of SMW.

Venice Wiki

Wiki about the city of Venice.

  • example page: Ice Cream Bars in Venice
  • classical text/multimedia content
  • well-integrated semantic queries, professional layout


A wiki about genes and their effects.

  • example page: Rs1234
  • data-centric application
  • semantic data exports used by Promethease DNA analysis tool


Large commercial wiki about celebrities.

  • example page: Cate Blanchett
  • Multimedia-/data-centric application
  • Custom appearance and user interface

This site

Personal one-user wiki with built-in publication management.

  • example page: Sebastian Rudolph (author page)
  • text/data-centric application
  • many inline queries, data feeds (RSS)


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