Semantic MediaWiki

For publications of that title, see below.

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is a modular extension of the MediaWiki software that powers many wikis and this site, adding Semantic Web technologies for organising and sharing data. I can safely say that most of SMW has been written by myself, but Denny Vrandecic, S Page, and many others also have contributed much code and support to the overall system.

Documentation and support

For futher information about SMW go to Support enquiries should be send to the Semantic MediaWiki user mailinglist.

Please do not send general support request to my personal email address. I will work through open requests on the official list whenever I have the time.

Bugs and feature requests for Semantic MediaWiki should be filed at MediaZilla.


Current main reference on SMW

If you want to read or cite a publication on Semantic MediaWiki, then «Semantic Wikipedia (JWS2007)» is definitely the best choice at the moment.

Further publications

Publications related to SMW are generally found on the page about semantic wikis.

Note that there are also a number of publications that are entitled «Semantic MediaWiki», though these are not necessarily the best or most up-to-date references on SMW: