Practical Reasoning with OWL and DL-Safe Rules


Markus Krötzsch

Practical Reasoning with OWL and DL-Safe Rules

Abstract. We present an introduction to reasoning with the Web Ontology Language OWL and DL-safe rules using the KAON2 OWL reasoner. The tutorial is targeted at ontology engineers and researchers in the general area of the semantic web and does not require any in-depth background knowledge on logical aspects of semantic web reasoning. We briefly introduce OWL and description logics and corresponding reasoning tasks. A short overview of tableau reasoning is followed by a closer look at the KAON2 architecture and its query mechanisms. We introduce DL-safe rules and show how they can be used to recover from modelling restrictions imposed by OWL.

Part 1 of the PROWL tutorial at ESWC 2006.

Published at PROWL-2006 tutorial at European Semantic Web Conference (Talk)

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This talks was given as part of the tutorial Practical Reasoning with OWL and DL-Safe Rules at ESWC2006, which I co-organised with Peter Haase, Pascal Hitzler, Rudi Studer and Jürgen Angele.

There is also a complete set of printer-friendly slides for the tutorial.


Semantic Web, Description logics