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3D Baukasten – Signsoft Visit 3: Objektorientiert mit OpenGL  +
A Better Uncle for OWL: Nominal Schemas for Integrating Rules and Ontologies  +
A Brief Introduction to Formal Concept Analysis  +
A Categorical View on Algebraic Lattices in Formal Concept Analysis  +
A Closer Look at the Semantic Relationship between Datalog and Description Logics  +
A Description Logic Primer  +
A Description Logic Primer  +
A rule-based ontological framework for the classification of molecules  +
Acyclicity Conditions and their Application to Query Answering in Description Logics  +
Acyclicity Notions for Existential Rules and Their Application to Query Answering in Ontologies  +
Adventures of Two Little OWLs in Rule Land  +
All Elephants are Bigger than All Mice  +
Approximate OWL-Reasoning with Screech  +
Column-Oriented Datalog Materialization for Large Knowledge Graphs  +
Complexities for Nominal Schemas: Extended Abstract  +
Complexities of Horn Description Logics  +
Complexity Boundaries for Horn Description Logics  +
Computing Stable Models for Nonmonotonic Existential Rules  +
Concrete Results on Abstract Rules  +
Concurrent Classification of EL Ontologies  +