Schema-Agnostic Query Rewriting in SPARQL 1.1


Stefan Bischof, Markus Krötzsch, Axel Polleres, Sebastian Rudolph

Schema-Agnostic Query Rewriting in SPARQL 1.1

Abstract. SPARQL 1.1 supports the use of ontologies to enrich query results with logical entailments, and OWL 2 provides a dedicated fragment OWL QL for this purpose. Typical implementations use the OWL QL schema to rewrite a conjunctive query into an equivalent set of queries, to be answered against the non-schema part of the data. With the adoption of the recent SPARQL 1.1 standard, however, RDF databases are capable of answering much more expressive queries directly, and we ask how this can be exploited in query rewriting. We find that SPARQL 1.1 is powerful enough to "implement" a full-fledged OWL QL reasoner in a single query. Using additional SPARQL 1.1 features, we develop a new method of schema-agnostic query rewriting, where arbitrary conjunctive queries over OWL QL are rewritten into equivalent SPARQL 1.1 queries in a way that is fully independent of the actual schema. This allows us to query RDF data under OWL QL entailment without extracting or preprocessing OWL axioms.

Published at ISWC 2014 (Conference paper)

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Semantic Web, Query languages, Description logics