Wikidata as a Cultural Heritage Information Hub


Markus Krötzsch

Wikidata as a Cultural Heritage Information Hub

Abstract. Wikipedia's youngest sister project Wikidata is just four years old, yet it has already gathered an impressive collection of free knowledge as well as a bustling community. Indeed, one would expect nothing less of a project which strives to provide the chief knowledge base on all subjects from all Wikipedias in all languages. Nevertheless, some areas and topics are more successful than others, and, looking closer, we can see that cultural heritage, information integration, and authority control are making significant contributions to Wikidata as a whole. In this talk, I will present Wikidata, discuss the most recent figures and developments, and present first new findings regarding the usage of Wikidata based on our ongoing analysis of Wikidata query patterns.

Published at Europeana AGM 2016 (Talk)

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  • Markus Krötzsch. Wikidata as a Cultural Heritage Information Hub. In Invited talk at the Europeana Network Association AGM 2016. 2016.


This presentation was given as an invited talk at the Europeana AGM 2016. All data given or shown in the talk was current as of beginning Nov 2016.

More information on the subject and citable references can be found on the page on Wikidata.


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