Knowledge, Structure, and Other Stuff

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Markus Krötzsch

Knowledge, Structure, and Other Stuff – The State of Semantic MediaWiki


Crowded talk at Wikimania 2008

This talk gives an introduction to Semantic MediaWiki and reviews its current state as of July 2008. The talk is targetted towards a mixed audience and starts with a general introduction to structured knowledge and its use in Wikipedia. It also includes a live demo of various features, based on the links given below.

Published at Wikimania 2008, Alexandria, Egypt (Talk)

Download PDF (last update: July 19 2008)

Citation details

  • Markus Krötzsch. Knowledge, Structure, and Other Stuff – The State of Semantic MediaWiki. 2008.

Links for the online demo

The talks contains an online demo that shows and explains several functions. Links to the according pages (state July 19 2008) are given below.

Queries in SMW

Other formats for lists

Exporting data

Semantic MediaWiki in popular culture

Concepts: storing queries

Further reading

As of Juli 2008, the most recent publication that gives a general description of Semantic MediaWiki is Semantic Wikipedia (JWS2007). A collection of all works related to the topic are found under semantic wikis. Most recent details about the SMW system are given in SMW's online documentation.


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