ELK Reasoner: Architecture and Evaluation

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Yevgeny Kazakov, Markus Krötzsch, František Simančík

ELK Reasoner: Architecture and Evaluation

Abstract. ELK is a specialized reasoner for the lightweight ontology language OWL EL. The practical utility of ELK is in its combination of high performance and comprehensive support for language features. At its core, ELK employs a consequence-based reasoning engine that can take advantage of multi-core and multi-processor systems. A modular architecture allows ELK to be used as a stand-alone application, Protégé plug-in, or programming library (either with or without the OWL API). This system description presents the current state of ELK and experimental results with some difficult OWL EL ontologies.

Published at ORE-2012 (Workshop paper)

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The main reference for ELK is The Incredible ELK. Please use this in citations, as it subsumes and updates most of the material in this workshop paper. A longer version of the above workshop paper is the report ELK: A Reasoner for OWL EL Ontologies.

More information about the software used in this paper and pointers to further publications can be found on the page about ELK Reasoner.


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