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ELK is a free and open source reasoner for the lightweight ontology language OWL 2 EL. It is based on Java and can be controlled using the OWL API, Protégé, the Snow Owl ontology editor, or a basic command line interface. ELK is available under the Apache License 2.0.

ELK is very fast. It can classify the SNOMED CT ontology with around 300,000 classes in less than 4 seconds on a modern laptop (see the paper Concurrent Classification of EL Ontologies for details). This is achieved by highly optimized consequence-based reasoning algorithms that can also take advantage of multi-core CPUs.

ELK is joint work with Yevgeny Kazakov, Pavel Klinov, and František Simančík. See the ELK homepage for a up-to-date list of contributors.

The main publication for citing ELK is The Incredible ELK.


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