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Abstract. We study a restriction of the classification procedure for EL++ where the inference rule for complex role inclusion axioms (RIAs) is applied in a "left-linear" way in analogy with the well-known procedure for computing the transitive closure of a binary relation. We introduce a notion of left-admissibility for a set of RIAs, which specifies when a subset of RIAs can be used in a left-linear way without loosing consequences, prove a criterion which can be used to effectively check this property, and describe some preliminary experimental results analyzing when the restricted procedure can give practical improvements.

Published at DL2011 (Workshop paper)

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This paper relates to an early version of the ELK Reasoner. The main reference for ELK is The Incredible ELK. Please use this in citations. Further publications related to ELK are found on the ELK Reasoner page.


Description logics, ELK Reasoner