Markus Krötzsch


Markus Krötzsch

I am the professor for Knowledge-Based Systems at the Faculty of Computer Science at the Technical University of Dresden. My research group is concerned with the question how computers may use human knowledge in better ways, e.g., to answer questions intelligently.

Up-to-date information about my research can be found at the homepage of the professorship for Knowledge-Based Systems, which lists most current publications, projects and group members.

Further information that can be found on this homepage includes:

Recent publications

For further publications, see the full list of publications (RSS feed).

Finally, regarding that name of mine: It is written Krötzsch or Kroetzsch, but never Krotzsch. The vowel ö (umlaut o) is pronounced long, as in Gödel and Björk. It's roughly like the ea in the English pearl or the eu in French peu (try making these sounds while forming your mouth as when saying an o). You could try to combine the sounds that appear in the following words:

chrome + pearl + match

Or simply call me Markus.